Virtual Assistant

An entity with a desire and passion in the administration industry. We are determined to solve your administrative needs and requirements so you can focus on growing your entity.

With our skills in the administration sector for over 5 years ,we are more than capable to solve most of your administration problems. Ensuring that you can solely focus on production and building your brand.

We are excited to work with you 
We cannot wait to add value to your business and support your efforts in growing your income revenue. 

Why use our services

Save you money

Increase productivity

Save you time

Use when required

Job satisfaction


Balanced work load

Business Growth

Customer satisfaction

Accounting Software (Hourly Rates)

Sorting and Capturing Receipts
Sales Orders
Sending statements
Sending payment reminders
Receipting invoices

Customer Relation (Hourly Rates)

Sorting existing and new database
Following up on clients, suppliers and orders

Business Administration (Hourly Rates)

Data capturing: Excel and Word documents
Completing Forms
Document Conversion
Google Drive: Uploads and Sharing Documents
Google Spreadsheets
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Power Point
Adobe Acrobat PDF editing

Business Registration R600

Company Registration

Online Services (Hourly Rate)

Makro Order Management System
DSV Courier

Virtual Assistant

Rates & Packages

Package 1

R350 – 1 Hour (Per/Hour)

Package 2

R315 – 3 Hours (Per/Hour)

Package 3

R300 -5 Hours (Per/Hour)

Package 4

R4665 – 20 Hours (Per/Month)

Package 5

R6569 – 30 Hours (Per/Month)

Package 6

R8566 – 40 Hours (Per/Month)

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073 510 7244

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